All American Pasture-raised meat delivered to your door.
No Antibiotics, added hormones, or additives.
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The Ultimate BBQ Package

When we founded Mason's Market we pledged to always give 1% of our profits back to the community. Sometimes though we can do more, and that is what this gift is all about. We partnered with the Chili Pepper Ranch on the ultimate gift for the BBQ enthusiast in your family. 50% of the proceeds of this gift go to support the efforts of the Austin Hatcher Foundation.

Gifting Made Easy

Mason’s is proud to partner with the E3 Meat Co. to offer two incredible holiday gift packages, perfect for your friends, family or business associates. E3 was founded by retired MLB player Adam LaRoche and is dedicated to sustainable and humane practices leading to one of the premier products in the industry. All E3 Certified cattle are grass-fed, grain-finished and given ample room to roam. They are never subjected to antibiotics, steroids, or added hormones. We pride ourselves in finding only the best and E3’s certified program is producing some of the best product available today. This is a great opportunity to spoil your friends and family with an incredible gift package.
  • The Heartland E3 Certified Package

    The Heartland E3 Certified Package

    Perfect for larger gatherings and bigger appetites, this assortment we have put together provides everything you need to entertain a group of friends and family.  Includes: 2 (8oz) bacon-wrapped E3...
  • The All-American E3 Certified Package

    The All-American E3 Certified Package

    Perfect for an intimate dinner we include four eight-ounce baseball cut sirloin steaks, 2 one-ounce packages of Banner Butter and a fourteen-ounce package of Meat Church Holy Gospel seasoning.   Includes:...
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100% American Wagyu

This is something special and only available in limited quantities. The Chili Pepper Ranch in Tennessee is a labor of love for Dr. Jim Osborne and his family. Their cattle are raised on grass and grain fed diet that is bespoke to his ranch and was created after many years of testing to resulting in one of the most unique profiles we have experienced.
  • Wagyu Rump Roast

    From $59.00
    For you EGGheads this is one cut to braise low and slow all day until it is fall-apart tender. With the intramuscular marbling from Wagyu, you get a flavorful, healthy...
  • Wagyu Brisket

    From $198.00
    Chili Pepper Ranch American Wagyu briskets are the “secret ingredient” for competitive barbecue teams gunning to be Grand Champion at all the top BBQ events. American Wagyu beef raised on...
  • Wagyu Kabobs / Stew Meat

    Wagyu Kabobs / Stew Meat

    Make every meal a feast with these random-sized pieces of American Wagyu beef. When the master butchers hand-trim our steaks to a uniform size, there are small high-quality cuts that...
  • Wagyu Chuck Roast

    From $79.00
    The Chuck Roast is the original comfort beef. Normally you’d toss this beauty into a slow-cooker with some root vegetables and let it cook, filling your kitchen and house with...
  • Wagyu Beef Belly

    From $129.00
    From famed Chili Pepper Ranch, these American Wagyu beef belly’s come from cattle that are raised on a bespoke grass and grain diet that creates a naturally rich marbling and...
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Special Offerings

Working with our partners at Chili Pepper Ranch we created this incredible opportunity to buy a quarter, half or a whole steer. When you order one of these offerings, it will be custom cut to your specifications. Once your deposit has been received, we work directly with you to walk through each section of beef. If this is your first time ordering a side of beef, don’t hesitate to call us for help. We’d be happy to make recommendations and help you personalize your order. Please note: We have a very limited supply as we have to plan well in advance for these offerings. Product will ship in 2019.
  • Wagyu Quarter Steer

    Wagyu Quarter Steer

    Treat yourself to something special. A quarter steer from Chili Pepper Ranch totals 250-300 pounds of the highest quality Wagyu meat, all from the same steer. Perfect for weekend backyard parties...
  • Wagyu Half Steer

    Wagyu Half Steer

    The ultimate investment for the family. A half steer from Chili Pepper Ranch totals 500-600 pounds of the highest quality Wagyu meat, all from the same steer. Perfect to feed your family...
  • Wagyu Whole Steer

    Wagyu Whole Steer

    The ultimate investment for the large family or to share with neighbors. A whole steer from Chili Pepper Ranch totals 1000-1200 pounds of the highest quality Wagyu meat, all from the...
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The BBQ Buddha cooks with Mason's Meats!

Chris Sussman is a food blogger, pit master, and BBQ enthusiast living in Reston, VA. On a righteous path to finding the best BBQ known to mankind, the Buddha takes pride in smoking everything from Brisket to Salmon. Click the link below to see his craft showcased on Instagram.

"Industrialized beef is like tap water, abundant, dependable, cheap and uninteresting."

– Alain Ducasse

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