• Naturally Raised American Wagyu Beef

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Chili Pepper Ranch is a family owned boutique ranch in Apison, Tennessee that specializes in low volume high-quality beef naturally fed Wagyu beef raised in a low stress environment.

Cattle at the Chili Pepper Ranch are fed grass, grain and hay throughout their life. For the last 90 -120 days the beef cattle are fed a unique grain combination developed by the nutritionist to optimize quality and flavor.



  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • Beef is processed at a USDA facility
  • Dry aged 21 days to enhance flavor & tenderness.
  • Vacuum sealed and frozen to maintain flavor & Quality.
  • Shipped within 72 hours of purchase.



Chili Pepper Ranch Collection

  • Wagyu Ribeye (2-Pack) PREORDER

    From $179.00
    Sold in Packages of 2 These Will be released for shipment early March 2019. The Chili Pepper Ranch is a boutique family-owned ranch in Apison, Tennessee that specializes in low-volume high-quality...
  • Wagyu Rump Roast

    From $66.00
    For you EGGheads this is one cut to braise low and slow all day until it is fall-apart tender. With the intramuscular marbling from Wagyu, you get a flavorful, healthy...
  • Wagyu Kabobs / Stew Meat
    Quick Shop

    Wagyu Kabobs / Stew Meat

    Make every meal a feast with these random-sized pieces of American Wagyu beef. When the master butchers hand-trim our steaks to a uniform size, there are small high-quality cuts that...
  • Wagyu Brisket

    From $239.00
    Chili Pepper Ranch American Wagyu briskets are the “secret ingredient” for competitive barbecue teams gunning to be Grand Champion at all the top BBQ events. American Wagyu beef raised on...
  • Wagyu Chuck Roast

    From $89.00
    The Chuck Roast is the original comfort beef. Normally you’d toss this beauty into a slow-cooker with some root vegetables and let it cook, filling your kitchen and house with...
  • Cross-Cut Shanks - LIMITED SUPPLY

    From $19.00
    LIMITED SUPPLY. We only have a few of these incredible 100% American Wagyu Cross-Cut Shanks. The Shank comes from the leg portion of the animal. When cooked slowly at a...
  • Wagyu Beef Belly

    From $139.00
    From famed Chili Pepper Ranch, these American Wagyu beef belly’s come from cattle that are raised on a bespoke grass and grain diet that creates a naturally rich marbling and...
  • Wagyu Ground Beef
    Quick Shop

    Wagyu Ground Beef

    Chili Pepper Farms American Waygu ground beef is a restaurant quality product that is rich in flavor and amazingly juicy. Made from 100% American Wagyu beef, our gourmet ground beef...
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