The NY strip steak is a cut of beef from the short loin that has had the tenderloin removed. It consists of a muscle that does little work, making the meat particularly tender, although not as tender as the tenderloin. 

Since they're generally a single muscle, strip steaks don't have much connective tissue or fat, both of which are mainly found in between muscles. What they do have is a good amount of intramuscular fat, or marbling, which adds flavor and moisture to a steak.

Our families love these steaks; they are sourced from family-owned farms across the US, where the cattle is grass-fed and finished on a 100% all-natural grain diet with no antibiotics or hormones. The steaks are graded as USDA upper 2/3 Choice, but we have found they are better than many of the “Prime” products on the market. They are hand selected and cut into the perfect 12-ounce portions by our master butchers.

  • Each steak is 12oz.
  • Each order includes 6 or 8 steaks
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • Hand-cut and processed at a USDA facility
  • Vacuum packed and rapidly frozen to maintain flavor and quality
  • Ships on Mondays and Wednesdays only
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